Welcome to Hometown Rivalry! Founded by Leanne Fahy in 2018. We're a family run shop that focuses on unique and well designed sports inspired clothing for your team, school and your supporters. We take pride in designing, sourcing and creating all of our items based on your needs. We also provide some of the best customer service, pinky promise. We can work with you to design an apparel line that is unique to you. We can use our platform to sell your items to your customers. We also provide them with customer service. We design, create and fulfill. We are a full service company. 

With a diploma in Fashion Design, and her experience working with multiple fashion labels since 2003, Leanne shares her design principles and knowledge to create some of the best products for her clients. Leanne develops a strong look for your brand, school, team, that is well thought out, considered and elevated. At Hometown Rivalry, we work with high quality items and decorate in-house in Port Perry, Ontario. We are female owned and female run. Hometown has built a phenomenal reputation in our industry. From small projects to nation wide sales, it’s our goal to provide the highest quality and thoughtfully designed products to our customers.

In-house Silk Screening

Quality screen printing is available on a wide range of products including T-Shirts, Unique Hoodies, our best selling sweats, and tons more. We'll advise you of the best options and we’ll get it printed!

Apparel Sales

After we decorate your garments, we'll sell it to the folks who want it…we do it all!


Let us warehouse the products for you and handle all of your shipping needs.


Friends, this is our absolute fav thing! We want to make you look good. Do you have an idea but need some help bringing it to life? We can help with anything from T-shirt designs to full service branding projects.


Embroidery is a great way to take your product to the next level. We'll impress you with our well made patches. You'll want them on everything!

Vendor Sales

Every event needs merch sales! Do you want us to come to your event and sell our designs? We will and we'll make a whole pop up shop,just ask!


We've got 20 years of it.

From manufacturing, design, decorating and more. We've got over 20 years in the industry.