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Oshawa Ringette Iron On Patch
Oshawa Ringette Iron On Patch

Oshawa Ringette Iron On Patch

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 An iron on patch with a puff on the word Oshawa to make it really pop! You can put on a backpack or a sweater or zip up... get creative! Follow these instructions for perfect application. Have fun with it! 

Do not use on un-ironable fabrics (low melting point) such as nylons, vinyls or leathers. They could melt! 

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Garment should be clean & freshly laundered.
  2. Set iron to highest temperature setting for five minutes. No steam. It's helpful to remove all the water in the iron before turning it on to prevent steam. 
  3. Thoroughly iron area of garment where patch will be placed.
  4. Place patch on garment/fabric, embroidery facing up.
  5. Place light cloth over patch and press iron somewhat firmly ( Remember: don't crush the puffiness of the word Oshawa) down for 30-45 seconds with constant pressure. No need to move the iron around. Keep it steady. 
  6. Let cool for one minute. Turn the garment inside out. Iron the back side of the patch in the same manner as step 5. 
  7. Let it cool and turn right side out. If edge of patch can be lifted, repeat step 5.

Enjoy your new patch! For a more permanent solution, consider using a sewing machine to sew the edges of the patch.